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hey guys :iconsayhiplz:
its been quite some time since i actually did something on dA. im sure most of you cant even remember me :/ but well its my fault for not being here more often. It propably wont change the next weeks or months so dont expect to see any new drawings :( im sorry
i hope youre not mad at me

now lets get to something else i got tagged by my awesome friend :iconparasyte19: (check him out! :D) well since i didnt do this tagged thing for quite some time i thought that i could do it now :)


1) You Must Post The Rules.
2) Share 10 Facts About You.
3) Answer 10 Questions Asked By The One Who Tagged You And Make 10 Questions For The People You Tagged.
4) Tag 10 People In The Journal.
5) No " You're Tagged If You Read This" Things.
6) No Tag Backs.
7) You Can't Say You Don't Tag.
8) Make A Journal. Don't Comment It.

for the ones who are interested, here are 10 facts about me :D
1. i watched the anime free! recently and i have to admit its awesome :D
2. im now also doing digital art (as you may have noticed)
3. i havent really drawn something for more than a month :(
4. i cant sleep well without music XD
5. i finished school this summer :D
6. i love designing hairstyles for random characters
7. i hate mcdonald's
8. im almost never drinking any kind of alcohol
9. i hate summer but i love winter and rain :love:
10. im sure nobody read this

the questions:

1) What console do you play on?
xbox 360 :D

2) Which characters do you hate from a Manga/Anime/Cartoon/Comic?
the annoying ones XD the character i hate most from any manga or what was mentioned above is lucy from fairy tail!

3) Which is your least favorite drawing that you have made so far?
uhm... there are plenty but one of them was a random guy i drew 1 or 2 years ago (i have to laugh so hard when i look at my old pics XD they are hilarious)

4) Who is your favorite friend here on DA?
i dont have a favorite friend but lets say the one who wrote the questions is one of my best :D

5) Which is your favorite movie?
dont have one, ive watched a lot of movies but i wouldnt call any of them my favorite one

6) What do you hate about yourself?
that i have no motivation for important things at all, my lack of emotionality and my skin

7) When will you post a new drawing?
i have no idea but propably not anytime soon

8) Which song do you sing when listening to?
to every song i like :D

9) Which was your first cartoon that you have seen?
really cant answer this question thats far too long ago XD

10) Did i ran out of questions? XD
haha kind of ;P

well i did it :D i hope youre satisfied, i wont tag anybody and just say goodbye :iconbaibaiplz:
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
hey guys :iconsayhiplz:

since i wont tell you my name you can call me however you want :D
im currently 19 years old and im living in germany so im sorry for my bad english ^-^ (oh and i dont really care if im writing some words wrong, on the internet i dont care if im spelling some word wrong i just hope you can understand me XD) i love manga and i love drawing them :love: i always need to listen to music when im drawing XDD im trying to draw every day and to improve on drawing :) well my drawings are anything but perfect, im still practicing ^^

these are the mangas ive read:
Fairy Tail
Ao No Exorcist
One Piece
Area D
Air Gear (but im not done yet )
i think there were some others but i cant remember XDD

and these are the animes ive watched:
Fairy Tail
One Piece
Death Note ( a really great anime :D i love crazy guys XD)
Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin ( i absolutely love this anime, one of the best ive ever seen :iconloveloveplz:
Dragonball (my favorite one :love:)
Sword Art Online
Full Metal Alchemist
Ao No Exorcist
Tenjo Tenge
Air Gear
Elfen Lied

but i still have a very long list of mangas i want to read :D

and here are my friends on dA :D you should check them out ^-^
and my little sister :iconkello7: check her out too!! :D

you absolutely have to check out these people!! they are some of my fav artists here on dA :love: they are all so amazing :iconloveloveplz: :
...aaaand :iconarya-aiedail::iconartgerm: and :iconmoni158: they are my favorite artists here on dA!! i love their pics so much :iconloveloveplz: i wanna be as good as they are :D

so well these were some things about me if you want to know anything just go ahaed and ask me ^-^
i love talking to people so dont be afraid :D
every watch, comment and fav makes me really happy :D

oh and just one last thing: I'M NOT TAKING ANY REQUESTS!!! :iconrocketpunchplz: XD i will just draw pics for my friends ^-^

so bye :iconbaibaiplz:



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